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Mannie B is an R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop singer and songwriter whom at the age of 5 got his first itch as an entertainer and has never looked back. Mannie B is a dedicated and driven artist who loves to perform and has developed a triple career in music, dance and production Which has merged his talents into, what people consider , a dedicated and explosive package. Mannie has written numerous songs. Arranging and recording them on his own and has performed them at a variety of venues accross the country.

In 2003 Mannie B formerly using the name Berto Ornelas learned of an audition for a teen pop/hip-hop recording group that was being modeled after Jump 5 and early N'SYNC but being groomed with a Disney audience in mind. Mannie took the challenge and auditioned at the regionals and from there he advanced to final auditions where he beat over 400 kids, and he was chosen as a member of the group Savvy, along with seven other members. As a member of Savvy, Mannie B began to develop a career on both the artistic side as well as the business side of the music industry. In 2008 Mannie B carried a short but sweet stint with the former Kumbia Kings (Super Reyes). As a member of Super Reyes, Mannie performed to crowd's in the range of up to 30,000 fans. Mannie knew he had the talent and the team to take take on his solo career so that is exactly what he did. Understanding the importance of always staying on top of the game, and always constantly polishing his show and the art of performance while practicing on voice, acting, dancing, and conditioning is what has made Mannie B understand what it is needed to be the next new breakthrough artist of the future...

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