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Ruby Gomez: A Mom to Manager Story of Nurturing Talent and Dreams

Ruby Gomez

In the dazzling world of entertainment and modeling, where dreams collide with reality, one woman stands out as a beacon of support, love, and guidance for her daughter's budding career. Ruby Gomez, a devoted mother, embarked on a transformative journey from being a parent to becoming a "momager," overseeing the blossoming career of her daughter, Brooklyn. This is a heartfelt story of dedication, sacrifice, and unwavering love for a child's passion and ambition.

Brooklyn Love Dillard

The transition from being a parent to a "momager" is undoubtedly challenging, especially when your child's career takes them into the realms of adulthood, travel, and the unknown. For Ruby Gomez, her daughter Brooklyn's well-being remains her top priority during these crucial developmental years. As a mother, Ruby naturally assumed the role of micromanaging every aspect of Brooklyn's life, including her career.

Managing a child's talent and career presents a unique set of challenges. Ruby faced the pressure of discerning which opportunities to prioritize, which ones required travel, and which were truly worth pursuing. In the beginning, the fear of rejecting work loomed large, but the constraints of expenses, school, and personal commitments had to be considered. As Brooklyn continues to grow in the industry, Ruby understands that, with time, the right opportunities will align, and the sacrifices and commitments will find their place.

Brooklyn Love Dillard

Ruby cherishes the journey of teaching Brooklyn the art of runway walks and how to confidently strut in heels at such a young age. Witnessing her daughter's transformation into a fierce professional model is a source of immense pride. Ruby's own experiences in the industry guided Brooklyn towards early opportunities, forging a unique bond between them.

To manage a child in the competitive world of entertainment, Ruby believes that patience, organization, communication, budgeting, networking, and a positive outlook are indispensable qualities. Being proactive and conducting extensive research to identify scouting opportunities is crucial in this ever-evolving field.

Ruby Gomez, Brooklyn Love Dillard

Balancing the roles of a mother and a manager can be complex, but Ruby's strategy is to keep Brooklyn grounded in her studies and sports. They maintain a strong connection with their family, discussing Brooklyn's experiences daily. Outsourcing her daughter's training away from home ensures that their time together is focused on personal growth and bonding. Beyond being a manager, Ruby remains Brooklyn's best friend.

Managing a child's talents requires full-time commitment, not just a weekend pursuit. Accessibility and dedication are key. To succeed in this business, parents must be proactive, making calls, conducting research, and being present for their child's growth and development.

Brooklyn Love Dillard, Explore Mcallen

Brooklyn and Ruby share a special bond, allowing Ruby to understand her daughter's triggers and motivations. Open communication is crucial to address the adversity and competitive dynamics within the industry. Ruby emphasizes the importance of supporting and celebrating each other's success to combat envy and foster a healthy environment.

In today's digital age, marketing opportunities are readily available through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Ruby has also invested in modeling classes for Brooklyn, providing her with opportunities like walking the runways at New York Fashion Week.

Ruby acknowledges that she is continually learning in her role as a momager. Key lessons include relinquishing control when necessary and not taking rejection personally. It's vital to understand that not every role is the right fit, and opportunities will always present themselves.

The entertainment industry is unpredictable, especially for a young talent like Brooklyn. Ruby remains adaptable, taking each day as it comes. Her primary goal is to keep her daughter humble, happy, and educated in the industry.

Brooklyn Love Dillard

Ruby has had the privilege of working in various capacities in the industry, including casting assistant, wardrobe director, and set design. While she respects privacy and refrains from name-dropping, she values collaboration with experienced directors who create welcoming and comfortable work environments.

Working in the film industry has exposed Ruby to captivating moments where directors possess the power to transport audiences into a different world. One unforgettable experience taught her the transformative potential of storytelling and the influence of a skilled director. This has inspired her to contribute to the industry in any way possible.

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Ruby Gomez's journey from being a loving mother to a dedicated momager is a testament to the power of familial support and unwavering commitment. In the face of challenges, she remains a steadfast presence in Brooklyn's life, guiding her daughter toward a promising future in the entertainment industry. As Brooklyn's career continues to evolve, Ruby's love, resilience, and wisdom will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping her daughter's success.

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