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Costume Designer/Producer/Actress

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Tosha Ornelas, a remarkable individual, was born with an innate zest for life that became evident at her very first step. Little did she know that her journey would be an extraordinary one. During her early years, she developed a profound admiration for her grandmothers, who were skilled seamstresses and could create a plethora of beautiful things with their hands. This admiration ignited a spark in her heart, setting her on a path she longed to follow.

However, life had other plans for her, and as she grew older, her responsibilities and commitments took her in a different direction. The dreams of pursuing her passion for sewing took a back seat. It wasn't until she crossed paths with her future husband, Director Alberto Ornelas, that her life took a significant turn. He was the unwavering force that encouraged her not to let go of her love for sewing. Their union marked the beginning of a challenging journey, but together, they were determined to make their dreams come true.

When they met, Alberto Ornelas was not yet an accomplished director, but he was already a well-known name in the music industry, ready to take the pop world by storm. They made a mutual decision to move forward and follow their aspirations. This decision led Tosha to establish her own clothing line, aptly named "Designed By TLO." It also opened doors for her to handle the wardrobe for all of her husband's films, TV shows, and music videos. She even made appearances in a few of his award-winning films and TV series.

Tosha's background in drama, nurtured during her high school years, added a theatrical dimension to her already impressive skill set. Little did she know that she and her husband would evolve into a formidable power couple, driven by their unwavering belief in each other and a commitment to establishing a solid foundation for their family.

Tosha not only conquered the world of clothing design but also left her mark on the film industry. In addition to her professional accomplishments, she is the loving mother of four amazing boys--Kayden, Lyric, Brooklyn, and Tristan. Together, she and her husband have crafted a beautiful life.

However, the most important lesson they impart to their children is to never give up and to always reach for the stars, reminding them that the stars are never too far to grasp. In the inspiring journey of Tosha and Alberto Ornelas, they embody the spirit of determination, love, and resilience, creating a legacy that extends beyond their individual successes and shines as a beacon of hope for their children and others who dare to dream.

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